Kabayo Feeds & Supplies Inc.


                                       LATEST NEWS: Kabayo Feeds & Supplies Inc (KFSI)

KFSI only uses VIRGIN COCONUT OIL & a fully balanced Vitamin / Mineral pack in all our medium & high activity horse feeds, We only provide good digestible ingredients which benefits your horse, quality nutrition, high digestibility and cool energy is what you get from us! Try it now and see for yourself how our feed benefits your animals! We now have available as well: Pig & Ruminant Feeds, Goat, Sheep, Cow Feeds, details are available in the main menu.                                   

"Kabayo Feeds, Brings The Best Out of Your Animal"

KFSI produces animal feeds on the basis of required Digestible Protein and Net Energy value of the feed per kg. 

This system ensures that your animal gets what it need. Too often we are focused on the crude protein level which actually doesn't really tell us anything. The Digestible Protein and Net Energy value systems are adopted to ensure quality feed for your animals.