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According to Mr. Bungar, trainer of Good Grace Apparel, their horses are now really good. Their body/energy is always in good condition and they don’t experience any problem specially when it comes to bowel movements

We talked to Romy, the head sota of Pangilinan Farm about our feeds. He said that when they use KFSI  feeds they observed that their horses appetite is really good and the skin is shiny. they say that their immune system is really in good condition even though the weather now is really cold.

Trainer Gerry of C. Ong stable said that the coat becomes shiny and the horses gained weight. They also win races now, compared to their previous supplier of feeds.

B. Halili Stable won yesterday. Before they did not win because their horse are not getting energy from the other feeds. When they started to use the Halong Panalo every exercise their horses are getting active and now showing improvements.

Trainer P. Rivera of  Espina Stable, He is using Halong Karera Plus for the Pony at the farm and according to him the feeds are great and their Pony has an increased energy level. He said that they will order again for their pony.

Mr. C Villava : He said when he uses Kabayo Feeds, Halong Karera Plus, their horses are getting a shiny coat. Before their horses are very thin and now they all gained weight already. He told me that now they will upgrade their order to Halong Panalo because the horses are now running.

Mr L. Tornandizo said that due to the high content of natural Virgin Coconut Oil the "pupu" of their horse is good and the ingredients are totally digested.

Owner Mr. Avelino : One of their horse is very thin and didn’t gain weight , when they used Halong Panalo it now gained weight and his horse is more active during exercise. Mr. Avelino is very happy with the result.