Kabayo Feeds & Supplies Inc.


                    Why use Kabayo Feeds for your Horses?

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Our feeds are formulated based on the below standards:

1) Provided protein needs to be digestible for the horse to get the nutrition it requires.                             

2) Net energy indicator provides the required energy per kg in the feed based on activity level.

3) All feeds are having a minimum of 6% up to 11% Virgin Coconut Oil for direct absorped cool energy,         it enhances the coat condition, prevents colic and prevents constipation

4) All feed ingredients are either FRESHLY Cracked or Rolled just before the feed production to maintain the nutritional value and increase the digestibility. We now added Steam Flaked Corn which increases nutrient absorption by 60% !

5) Electrolytes for horses in a hot & humid climate

6) Digestive supplement to digest and absorb the ingredients, increase overall health and maintain weight

7) Most feeds are having Lucerne/Alfalfa pellets to function as a fiber source to prevent/reduce ulcer issues, improve digestion, maintain weight and increase overall health

8) All feeds are having a full mineral and vitamin package included

9) All feeds are having a mold inhibitor, prevention of mycotoxin formation, prevention of nutrient spoilage, improved palatability, less stress for animals due to reduced microbial contamination, prevention of diarrhea

10) All feeds are dust reduced due to our 7 point dust suction systems in all stages of our production process

Besides all the above, we deliver as promised on time, we guarantee consistency,

  availability and last but  not least our feeds are priced fairly.