Kabayo Feeds & Supplies Inc.


 Your horses get pure nutrition with Connolly's RED MILLS feeds. We use the best natural ingredients for digestion, well being and top performance.

The winning formula at Connolly's RED MILLS, where we have been feeding winning horses since 1908, has 5 corner stones:


Globally recognized with Melbourne Cup winners in 2010 & 2011

Formulation and Cooking

Unique, steam cooking, extruding & double pelleting

Quality Control

Best in the world, usage of LCMSMS in on site laboratory


Best in the world – good for shelf-life of 9 months in hot climates using or own NFMS technology. NFMS stands for Nutrient Fresh Management System, it is a controlled atmosphere within the bag which prevents weevils and maintains freshness up to 9 months.


Top quality, top packaging but competitive as a world leading brand