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The Feed of the Future, RICE BRAN FEEDS

Since man first domesticated the horse over 4000 years ago, the horse's natural high fiber, low energy diet has been modified to provide the nutrition necessary for it to perform the many tasks demanded for it. Usually this included the addition of raw grains to the diet, which provides energy in the form of carbohydrates. This practice still forms the basis of traditional equine nutrition today. Although modern feed processing such as micronization and steam extrusion has drastically improved the digestibility of these grains, a high grain, high starch diet is still NOT a natural equine diet and as a consequence may have an adverse effect on the horse's digestive system, causing fizzy behavior and sweating, caecal acidosis, sub clinical laminitis, founder and even tie-up in extreme cases. 


Rice Bran Feed provides a safe, easily digestible form of COOL energy that doesn't overload or stress the horse's digestive system, avoiding fizzy behavior. 

Containing high levels of Rice Bran Oil, Rice Bran Feed is virtually starch free, with a low GI for longer lasting energy and sustained performance. Containing more energy than the equivalent weight in oats or corn and a comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals, Rice Bran Feed is a complete feed that has been steam extruded to enhance digestibility in the small intestine to over 90% .


Rice Bran Feeds contains the naturally occurring Anti-oxidant Ferulic Acid, which plays an important role in protecting cell membranes from damage caused during strenuous exercise and competition.  


Rice Bran Feed is the feed of choice for many of the world's elite riders, including Champion Toni Leviste. Her stable stars are fed Rice Bran Feed to give them the nutrition they need to keep them performing at their best on the world stage, time after time.

Typically in the Philippines one can increase the quantity of feed with using rice bran to bulk up the horses without the risk of getting them too hot, The pricing of Rice Bran Feed allows to use the required quantity. Since many riders are always concerned about their horses getting too strong and therefore tend to feed too little, hence some horses look malnourished. Rice Bran Feed resolves this particular issue as it provides loads of natural goodies, high oil levels which provide COOL energy and due to the virtual starch free feed, the horses keep COOL and don't become FIZZY.

Rice Bran Feed is available for:

All Horses, Kalmado Rice Bran Horse Feed --- Farm, Kabayo Rice Bran Farm Feed  --- Racing, Karera Rice Bran Race Feed