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Toni Leviste on Kalmado Rice Bran Feed

My horses have never looked better and feel fitter than with rice bran based feeds.  

I could increase the quantity of feed using rice bran to bulk up my horses without the risk of getting them too hot.

The horses coats really started to glow when I used the Rice Bran based diet because of the high levels of oil. Besides the coat, the high levels of oil gives me twice the energy of other feeds. This is because the energy comes as an oil which does not heat up the horses. 

I like the additional energy Rice Bran is providing my horses because it assures me better recovery which is critical in my sport.

Rice Bran is also very economical, less means MORE. You only have to feed two/thirds (2/3) of a normal diet to achieve what your horse really needs because it is 95% digestible.

The fact that Rice Bran is almost gluten free, it is a much kinder diet to give your horse as most horses are Gluten intolerant. Hence you see a better and more controllable behavior when fed a Rice Bran diet. Since there is almost no starch you can be rest assured that you will get no colic's when on Rice Bran diets.

It was my feed of choice during the 2006 Asian Games, 2007 Arab League, 2007 KL Grand Prix and 2010 World Cup Southeast Asian League.

With Kalmado Rice Bran feed, my horses are ready to compete all around the world!

For me, the Rice Bran Feed is simply amazing!

Toni Leviste


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